Conceptual Planning

Draht- und Metallwarenfabrik
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With our decades of experience as manufacturer and supplier of products and service support to the beverage industries, we offer complete consultancy, planning and concepts. The following projects have been and are realised by us ( excerpt):

  • Conveyor system for Wirehoods and
    Capsules over various levels
  • Feeding concepts for Wirehoods
    and Capsules
  • Development and production of special
    Wirehoods for Champagne and sparkling
    wine bottles
  • Development and production of special capsules
    for the beverage industry
  • Special machine to integrate a seal
    with Wirehood and capsule
  • Development and production of
    Applicators for cord equipment
    at various speeds

Development for Packing solutions for Wirehoods and capsules

Our manufacturing machines for Wirehoods machines are based on our own developments. Most of our developments are patented and are therefore available to our customers in original quality and design.